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Shrimp alla Roma

This is a dish that I love to make as well as eat. 📷 The flavors blend so well together and it makes great use of beautiful bell peppers when they are at their peak. Bell peppers come in all shapes and sizes and although there is only subtle differences in the flavor of these peppers, it sure make it exciting to look at with all of the colors and we eat with our eyes first. We get most of our peppers from the local farmers market but it is also a good idea to try to grow some for yourself.  Bell peppers are an easy plant for anyone to grow and each plant produces a good bit of peppers. I am also a firm believer in having a great pantry at home.  You should always have ingredients in the pantry that add lots of flavor and are versatile.  Capers are an ingredient that fits that bill. They add lots of flavor and are very inexpensive.  They also store well in the pantry until they are opened.  Capers can be used to add flavor to chicken salad or potato salad.  They are also great for making dressings and you would never be able to make a great putanessca without capers for the sauce. In this recipe they pair really well with the flavor of the peppers to round out the dish. I find it easier to gather all of my ingredients before I start a recipe than it is to gather as I go.  I usually get them all together on my big cutting board first.  The colors and the aroma gets the senses ready for the meal you are about to prepare.📷  Enjoy this recipe with friends and family.  It is also a great weeknight meal since it comes together so quickly. I used shrimp in this recipe but you could easily use chicken or a nice fish.  This could also be made without meat for a vegeterian option. Let me know what you think of it at Shrimp alla Roma 3 T capers 3 bell peppers seeded and cut into slices(various colors and shapes) 2 cloves garlic (chopped) 1 1/2 c stewed tomatoes 1 lb shrimp (peeled and deveined leave the tails on) 2 T extra virgin olive oil 1 box angel hair pasta (cooked to package directions)  1 T granulated onion 📷 1 T granulated garlic  2 sprigs fresh oregano  salt and pepper to taste In a medium saute pan add olive oil and garlic and saute for one minute on medium heat.  Add shrimp and bell peppers to the pan.  Season with 1/2 granulated garlic and 1/2 granulated onion.  Cook shrimp on one side and then flip to cook the other side.  This should only take a few minutes and the shrimp will begin to turn a pinkish/orange color (they have there own indicator of when they are done) At this point you need to add the stewed tomatoes and the rest of the seasoning including the oregano and cook for 2-3 more minutes then toss in capers.  Toss entire dish with the cooked angel hair pasta and serve in a big pasta bowl in the middle of the table. 📷

Posted 2nd April 2013 by Chef Danie

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