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Pasta Night

📷I do pasta classes all of the time.  I go to private houses or public places and I teach people the centuries old Italian tradition of making FRESH PASTA.  The art of making fresh pasta is always very intreaging to people.  Making the pasta is not hard and there is no great secret recipe for pasta.  They are all basically the same ,using very few ingrediants to make something that is so spectacular and yet simple.   This for me is comfort food at its finest.      The Italian culture has always been good at using what is available to them.  I tell people all the time to "BE ITALIAN" which basiclly means to use what you have.  Pasta is one of those things where you can make a great meal out of something you have at home.  All you need is eggs,flour and olive oil and you can make pasta.  I hope you try out the recipe below and invite a few friends over for your own pasta night. Making pasta with friends + bottle of wine = great time and fabulous food.  So come on everybody "BE ITALIAN" 📷Chef Danie's Fresh Pasta Recipe 3 1/2 c flour 1/4 c extra virgin olive oil 5-6 large eggs You can build a well on the counter top with the flour and put the eggs in the center of the well or you can take a shortcut and blend it in the food processor. (there are no short cuts to rolling out the dough so you may as well take a short cut when mixing it together) Mix in the processor until a grainy texture and it should stick together when you squeeze it with your hands. Then take the dough Cut the dough into small pieces about the size of an orange and roll out with a rolling pin.  Once you have it fairly flattened you will need to roll it through a pasta machine of some sort.  (you can hand roll it but it will take all night to get it thin enough) Start on the highest setting and then work your way down to the thinnest setting.  Then you can roll the dough through the fettuccine setting on the pasta roller and you have pasta. 📷 📷I hang my past on a nice pasta rack to dry but you can also cook it right from fresh. For a quick tomato sauce just chop some fresh tomatoes and some fresh garlic.  Saute together in a pan with 2 T olive oil. Salt and pepper to taste and add some chopped fresh basil. (The salt added to the tomatoes when they cook will bring out the juice and help to create a light sauce) Toss with fresh pasta and ENJOY.

Posted 30th June 2011 by Chef Danie

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