My version of Shrimp and Grits

I am writing today about a favorite dish of mine to order when we go out to eat.  I think my favorite place to have this dish out was at Emerils Fish House that was in the Islandview Casino in Gulfport,MS.  The restaurant is no longer there but I loved to go and eat their shrimp and grits.  I was once given a tour of their kitchen by a fellow Chef.  What a nice kitchen it was, they had everything that anyone could want in a kitchen but the thing that stuck out in my mind the most was a warmer that was used to hold food at a certain temperature for a determined length of time.  I was told by the Chef that this one machine cost ten thousand dollars(this is way more than any machine I own in my restaurants) and the machine was capable of holding a med rare roast at that same med rareness for up to ten hours.  It holds the food without cooking the food so nothing gets overdone.   WOW!! In any commercial kitchen you always have the dance of keeping hot food hot and cold food cold at certain temps but to be able to hold something and not overcook it was amazing to me and suddenly made this machine well worth the price tag.  I then learned