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Best Ever Omelets for Breakfast or Dinner

a new concept but it sure is a great one.  Omelets always top the list of great breakfast for dinner fare.  Maybe because you can fill them with just about anything you like.   This recipe is the one I make most often. While omelets take a little bit of finessing to make they are well worth the effort. You don't want the eggs to brown at all but you want to make sure they are cooked and not runny.  I think it is important to cook the inside ingredients first especially if you are using onions inside and you don't want them to be crunchy.  Cooking the filling first also marries all of the flavors together and speeds up the cook time for the omelet. I hope you enjoy this recipe and many nights of breakfast for dinner.

Best Ever Omelet 2 eggs 2 T milk salt and pepper to taste 3 button mushrooms (sliced)

📷 📷1/2 med onion chopped 2 pieces of thick cut ham sliced into cubes 3 T butter                   1/2 shredded cheese (I like cheddar) 2 slices of either cheddar or Swiss spinach or green onions (sliced)

Crack eggs and put them in a bowl with the milk and whisk together.  Set aside. In a  9 in non-stick pan melt 2 T butter on med heat.  Add ham,onions, mushrooms and spinach or green onions.  Saute until onions are tender and the ham is starting to get a little color.  Remove from pan and put in a separate bowl. Wipe pan out with a paper towel. 📷Put toppings on one side of omelet📷Cook until eggs are firm enough to flip Put pan back on burner on low heat. Pour eggs into pan and add salt a pepper to taste. Cook egg until the whole thing moves when the pan is shaken.  Flip egg over and immediately add the toppings to one side of the omelet in the pan. Top with cheeses and flip one side of the omelet over the top of the fillings.  Turn off the burner and cover with a plate that placed upside down.  Let sit until all cheese has melted. Remove plate from covering the omelet and wipe off any condensation that has built up on the plate.  Serve the omelet on the warm plate and top with chopped spinach and mushroom slices . 📷

Posted 30th November 2014 by Chef Danie

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