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Upcoming Classes

Cast Iron Cooking w/ three pans

This workhorse of the kitchen can be intimidating for some and daunting for others. In this class you will learn cast iron is your best friend and great conductors of heat that can go from stove top to oven without and trouble.

Halloween Candy Class

Join us for a afternoon of Halloween fun making candy and spooky food. Great for kids and adults!!

Cedar Plank Salmon Cooking Class

Learn the technique of cooking on cedar planks. Don't miss this fun class!

Sushi Making Class

Learn the art of making great sushi

Crab Ravioli Cooking Class

Join us for a fun cooking class!

A Night in Paris Cooking Class

Dine like we are in Paris for one night!!
This cooking class will sweep you away with french flavors and techniques.

French Crepe Class

Learn the fine art of making french crepes!!

Lobster Ravioli Cooking Class

Learn how to cook lobster to make fresh Lobster Ravioli

Christmas in July Cookie Class

If you are too busy during the holidays to attend our Christmas Cookie Class we decided to have Christmas in July and practice making all of these amazing treats to be ready for the upcoming holiday season. Learn to make a variety of Christmas cookies and bring home a variety of treats.

Gumbo Cooking Class

Join us and learn to make gumbo yaya!

Intro to Curry

There are so many different types of curry in the world. We are gonna learn about on of the favorites in this class and enjoy some fresh Naan too!

Lasagna 101 Cooking Class

Learn to make two different types of lasagna and fresh pasta too!!

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