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Great Mississippi Seafood Cook- Off

Having been a chef for over twenty years now, I have run several restaurants, catered many events ,trained many up and coming young chefs, taught many classes and written many recipes but one thing I have never done is compete.  I actually have an award winning gumbo recipe that I wrote but someone else won the award for it in a competition in Maryland. However, on May 30 2014 that would change and I would be entered into my first competition, I was chosen to compete in The Great Mississippi Seafood Cook-Off.  This would be the first year a female chef would compete and I was honored it was going to be me to represent the girls for the first time.  The competition is between professional chefs that are chosen as the best seafood chefs in the local area.

📷 As you can see I took second place.   I was really happy to have placed and very honored to compete among such great chefs. The dish I made was Horn Island Flounder Capresse w/ fresh fettuccine in a sun-dried tomato cream sauce. My family has made many trips to Horn Island for summer camping trips and we have always brought home many fresh flounder.  That flounder is what inspired this dish.  The fresh pasta is something I have been making my whole life thanks to my Italian fathers heritage.  I thought you might enjoy the recipe to try at home or maybe to win your own award.


(Chef Danie 2nd place, Chef Gary Hawkins 1st place, Chef Jeremy Noffke 3rd place)


(Chef Danie and Chef Robert St John)

Posted 26th June 2014 by Chef Danie

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